Guess words from drawings with this fun online game


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LetsDrawIt is a fun webapp that lets you meet people from all over the world while playing a fun interactive game. The aim is to guess the word your opponent is trying to draw for you, a lot like the classic Pictionary.

In rounds that last only a minute, you have to choose the word you want your opponent to guess and unleash your creativity using the mouse and the different tools provided by LetsDrawIt.

The webapp includes different themed rooms with related words and users interested in specific topics. You can also join rooms with people who speak your language, or play in a different language if you want to practice a foreign language. The app doesn't guarantee that there will always be users connected in any of the rooms, so you have to search for other players manually or wait for a new user to join.

LetsDrawIt also lets you play in multiple rooms simultaneously thanks to its multi-window mode.
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